Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Wright - Flight

For this quick wright we had to look at a picture and jot down the surroundings and what the character is doing at that very moment. We had to use complex sentences and short sharp sentences. Try and spot them all.

This is what the picture looked like.


The lively sky is bright, blue and shimmering on the still water. The buildings are watching and towering over the road far off in the dull distance. The gleaming rays warm the jagged wharf heating my feet. I finally find the light that can set me free.
I think to myself. This is the time. As my body surges with adrenaline, I climb on top of the rustic wooden barrier. With my arms spread out, and the calm breeze flowing past my chest.
I wait. Standing. Until I leap. With my arms high behind my back like the wings of a bird, the silence brakes. An immense splash awakens the city. When the chill of the water touches my toe, I can feel the excitement. As the freezing water infects my body, I think about all the good times in my life.

I lie still. Drifting away, but happy.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Life of an egg

For K.O.S we had to protect an egg just like how you have to protect a baby. My egg was called EGG MARLEY!
Our goal is to NOT LET IT CRACK! But about 2/3 of people cracked there egg.
Sadly I cracked my egg the most tragic time in my life. Just when my egg fell out I was standing still thinking "what just happened?" And I then tears ran down my face. That tragic moment though!

Picture of all the boys eggs in tom's majestic baby cram. Egg marly is on the bottom right!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New comer!

For K.O.S we had to create some kind of bed for a egg we had to name the egg and stay with it for a week you CAN'T let it out of your site. The only way we can leave it out of our site is to get a egg-sitter.

I named my egg EGG MARLY!

Monday, 18 May 2015

]--=[The Sprint]=--[

The Sprint.

Walk up into the crowd.
The silence embarks.
Foot on the line.
Steady’s into position.
Wobbles a bit.
Grips hands.
Peering at the finish line
Gaining sweat already.

And waits
                                     And waits

A big SNAP fills the air.
Bolts past
His legs
Pounds upon the track.
He trembles.

Stumbles upon the finish line.

Monday, 11 May 2015

To The unknown soldier

For our writing we created a letter to a soldier we don't know anything about and that is still buried and not cared about. We had to use complex sentences and short powerful sentences. If you go into our room to on your right you will see a wall filled with bright red poppies and you will also see all our pieces of writing!
- This is my writing -
To the unknown soldier

As I sit down, I want you to remember this note. Although you’re in a cold damp muddy place, don’t give up. Your spirit is still with us.

I don’t know your name, how many medals you have or even your special story about your life. But I have learn’t about people's life in the war. And your life in the wet, grubby and hard trenches. Putting all your hard work into one useless thing. Life must of been tragic then. We have learnt about the different ways you send letters. We know about the ANZAC’s and our whole class did a project about ANZAC day. We heard about you burying your dead mates. Did you ever bury one of the Turkish soldiers and felt sorry about them?

When you were in the trenches, what were you thinking when those bullets flew straight past your head? Did you ever have some fun? Talking to your friends, playing games with the dogs and sending funny notes to each other. Maybe you stared up in the gloomy night sky wanting to be back home with your family.

I cannot imagine when your friends, pets or even enemies fell beside you? How did you feel when you felt the trigger for the first time? Did you feel power? Did you ever feel enraged with the enemy or did you feel sorry? What was it like when it was so hot and you had to cut you uniform and also stick cloth on the back of your hat to protect yourself from the rays.

I’m only young. 11 in fact. But hopefully you remember this note and you will still be in our warm hearts. I wonder what life would of been like when I was in war.

Yours sincerely Llewellyn WL