Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Wright - Flight

For this quick wright we had to look at a picture and jot down the surroundings and what the character is doing at that very moment. We had to use complex sentences and short sharp sentences. Try and spot them all.

This is what the picture looked like.


The lively sky is bright, blue and shimmering on the still water. The buildings are watching and towering over the road far off in the dull distance. The gleaming rays warm the jagged wharf heating my feet. I finally find the light that can set me free.
I think to myself. This is the time. As my body surges with adrenaline, I climb on top of the rustic wooden barrier. With my arms spread out, and the calm breeze flowing past my chest.
I wait. Standing. Until I leap. With my arms high behind my back like the wings of a bird, the silence brakes. An immense splash awakens the city. When the chill of the water touches my toe, I can feel the excitement. As the freezing water infects my body, I think about all the good times in my life.

I lie still. Drifting away, but happy.

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