Thursday, 4 June 2015

Starry Night REMIX!

Based off my dads favorite artwork - Starry Night and with the help from Mrs Cameron I was able to make one beautiful piece of art.
We planned this on our bubble catcher then copied it with pastel onto a plain black piece of paper.
After that we painted staying with the motion of the lines but not just paint we used a technique called double dipping. As you can see you dip a paint brush into any paint you like but instead of mixing it with a different colour you dip the paintbrush into any paint then dip it again into another type of paint and keep on painting!
When we finished the painting we added houses a black piece of paper and added small coloured pieces of paper mostly yellow for the lights. You're probably wondering, Llew doesn't look like you added paper to your artwork? What I did is sketch the houses for full detail with pilot pen and coloured it with blue pen and black pen as well as pencil on the edges.

This is my Starry Night REMIX

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