Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pizza persuasive writing

When we went to pipi's, we were told that we could create a pizza. So for our school work and homework, we had to create a pizza and persuasive writing for the pizza. we put the writing we made on a voki here's mine.

Come on down and get the mouth watering, throat burning vege dragon. Perfect for those spicy loving vegetarians. Buy now for a great spicy value for only $17.99! With a smooth tomato base and also with the hot burning chilli and for your own choice you can have additional chilli flakes for more HOTNESS! And for a sweet blast of flavour the char grilled capsicin will do you the trick. Wilted spinach to add to your diet, and double the cheese with mozzarella and feta.
Get a hot deal by getting an extra any type of pizza for free!

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